Still Waiting for Sectional Assignments

Posted: April 2, 2014 in Uncategorized

The IHSA has yet to announce the team assignments for the 2014 water polo sectionals (as of April 2). That is eighteen days beyond their self-imposed deadline, which is stated as “for spring activities, this information is usually posted by March 15” on their own web site. As we await the announcement, here are some interesting details:

  • Schools had to meet the IHSA’s deadline of February 1 to participate
  • Nearly every other spring sport has had their assignments announced
  • To my recollection, the announcements have never been made in April
  • The sectional seeds are determined on April 24, so the assignments surely must be made by then

An e-mail to an assistant director of the IHSA on Monday was met with a response that the announcement “should be this week” with no other information. Meanwhile, there are still two ‘TBA’ sectionals listed on the IHSA site.

And did I post this in hopes that they release the team assignments immediately afterwards? Definitely.


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